How are responsive websites useful for your business?

Posted By on January 12th, 2016

Responsive design

Responsive web design is a technique where the website adjusts automatically to the size of the user’s screen (irrespective of any device). The responsive design optimizes the browsing experience of the user by enhancing the readability and accessibility across various devices. The use of responsive web-designs is on the rise, because the users tend to spend more time on responsive web-pages rather than non-responsive web designs. Responsive web-designs are a must to boost your business and stay ahead in the competitive industry.

Here are 5 reasons how responsive designs are useful to businesses:

  1. Increased Gadgets usage: People are engaged with their devices most of the time. According to a research report prepared by IBM, Mobile users have surpassed desktop/laptop users and 68% of mobile users eat and sleep with their phone beside. To get information easily people prefer browsing on their phones rather than using a desktop/laptop. Using responsive web-designs the same web-page can be accessed easily by various devices like a computer, tablet or a smartphone.
  2. Easy site management: It is easier for web-developers to edit or update information on the website with a responsive design, as they need to update only one site and the responsive design optimizes the content automatically for other devices using the site. We don’t need to update the main website and the mobile-site separately as one responsive site is optimized for all devices. This thereby increases the convenience rate of managing the web-site.
  3. Increase in Search Engine Visibility: Google likes responsive websites and it recommends responsive websites more than non-responsive sites. And hence responsive web-designs increase the site’s ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages). Hence, responsive websites are search engine optimized.
  4. Higher Conversion Rates: Users tend to spend more time on responsive websites rather than non-responsive websites, and the more time people spend on sites the higher conversion rates. The conversion rates actually depend on the content of the website and the more engaging the content is the more time the user spends on the site which simultaneously increasing the conversion rates of the website.
  5. Decrease in bounce rate: The more attractive and responsive the website is the more time users spend on the website which thereby decreases the bounce rate. The lesser the bounce rate, the more responsive the web-design is. Websites with less bounce rate have higher conversion rates, whereas websites with higher bounce rates have lesser conversion rates.

These 5 reasons would have helped you understand the need of responsive wed-designs for your business. Thank you for reading this article. For more details visit our website Web Designing Company Bangalore, India.

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