Highly Effective Web design Strategy for 2016

Posted By on December 17th, 2015

Web Design Strategy

Websites has become the most important part of any business. Owning a website is not enough, effective web designed website is what which may enable any business to do well. Good website design need certain process, making your website interactive and engaging.

A good web design engages the visitors by focusing on their needs. The website pages should have the purpose and should take care of the user’s need.

The way you communicate to the visitors plays a vital role. Users look for fast information, hence communication should be simple and easy to understand.

Another thing what you have to keep in mind is flexibility, now a days people use different devices to browse, therefore know your target customers and ensure the website is responsive to various devices like desktop, laptop, tablets etc. Making it responsive to all the devices is what has to be focused.

Along with the content on your website, typefaces should also be looked at, so that the words are comfortable to read online. The best font size for online is usually 16px and can limit to 3 typeface in 3 point size.

The colour combination of the font enhances the look of the whole website, it becomes important to consider the good combination which is appealing to the visitors.

Visual effect on your website adds a lot of value, one it looks attractive and two image helps the visitor understand the concept better. Therefore selecting the relevant picture becomes essential part of the Web design Strategy.

Website is incomplete without the appropriate content. The content of the website should be continuous, your content should be updated according to your business progress.

User friendly navigation helps the visitors to come back to your website frequently. Three click rule should be followed so that the visitors could get the required information in just three clicks. Ensuring the less load time while browsing will help visitor to be attentive to your website. Therefore select he suitable image sizes and the programming language.

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