5 Things to Remember While Building your own Responsive Website

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Whether a website is being viewed on computers or phones, or being browsed with a touch screen or a mouse, it should function properly and look fluid as well. This is what known as responsive website design. According to search engine giant -Google’s suggestion, a responsive design allows using a single link to share your website in social media platforms and also makes your site easily crawl-able by Google bots. Rather than following identical functionalities and appearance, consistency should be followed to get the design right.

White Spaces should not be left unused

Make sure your website has an unswerving outline across all the devices. Aside from image size, the placement of texts should also adapt nicely. White spaces are negative spaces, which should not be left unused. Try using that space for brand logo, relevant images or content placement.

Logo Placement to suit the dimension                         

While getting your website designed by a web designing company in Bangalore, don’t forget to ask about the addition of individual elements layout that will suit the dimension of the screen. Also ask to position the brand logo correctly, so that it will look well-placed, no matter the devise people use to visit your website.

Portrait and Landscape Layout

While portrait layout works best for smart phones and tablets, a landscape layout work best for a desktop, laptop and all those wide screen displays. As many experienced designers demonstrate, building the website in both landscape and portrait layout for each device can pass on the important information in a clear and crisp way.

Design that encourage users to scroll

Discuss with your web designers about your exact requirements, so that they can build a scroll worthy and “oh so clickable!” website. Users should scroll the website like a gourmand wants to reach the bottom of the wine bottle. While scroll works best on desktop, Smartphone users won’t be willing reach the bottom as it involves too much scrolling. To eliminate this, get your website designed in such a way that it should offer a fine drop and all the texts lined up- important texts about the brand or company.

Responsive Design

Choose the best designers

Choose web designers who know web designing inside out, down to the smallest details. Their work process should respect all designing’s best practices. Additionally, they should focus on creating fully customized solutions for clients requiring responsive designing experiences, impeccably integrated with back-end processes, and in-sync with promotional strategies and creative merchandising.

Choosing a flourishing website design company in Bangalore has many advantages. They allow you to leave the hard work on their geeky, nerdy designing team, who will turn your ideas into your web identity. Experienced designing professionals are aware of what hot and what’s not and they speak the designing lingo effortlessly. In addition, they will communicate face to face and delivers best outcomes and offer you with the information that is essential to let you know the status of your project.

How can you choose the best web design company?

Posted By on May 18th, 2016

web design bangalore

At ease through reliable steps:

An attractive web page is always one among the primary way to market your firm effectively to a variety of audiences. The people who excel in creating business-efficient web pages work under companies which are huge in numbers, which give you goose-bumps at the very start of the search. Here are few guidelines that would help market yourself online, in a unique way.

1. Prioritising needs and requirements
It is always better to know about your own firm or service before trying to publicize it. Once you have the best knowledge about it, it would be way easier to approach a web designer who is capable to portray your excellence in the product or service that you are going to provide.

2. Explore the seas for the gem
You could probably search for a web designing company who basically designs websites of your genre and grounds. There are multi-faceted web designing companies too, but make sure they excel in your field.

Portfolio perusal
The foremost step in deciding upon a web designer would surely be knowing about their experience and distinction. Even though a generally established web designer would help, a company which has a good say for web designing at your service grounds can be preferable.

Get acquainted to the previous customers
You can always rely on the information given by the firms which had publicized themselves online through the web designing company you have considered for selection. They’d give a clear picture of all the positive and negetive they had faced with that web designer which would turn out to be very useful for you in the beginning and also when you are working with them.

Surf their website
To get all the primary information about the designing company you just have to give a quick glance at their website. Their achievements and acquaintances will be walled there.

3. Play a safe game
Two important things you should consider while selecting your web designer:

Cost: billed and hidden
Especially for a start-up, budget matters a lot. Not all companies would be fair enough to disclose the full payment in the beginning. It is better to know the complete cost before you hire them.

Maintenance and hosting
The job of a web designer doesn’t always end after creating the web page. Once it goes live online, it has to be updated every now and then according to the changes and upgradation you provide to your service. For this the web designer must be available anytime. You can demand a good hosting package and phone service from the designer.

One of the preferable options would be Nummero, Who give reliable support in all means. “A company that is at the forefront of high-end website design”, it has been the hub of creativity, business sense and professional customer service. Living up completely to your expectations, they provide you with all necessities in an attractive manner, satisfying all steps in choosing a star web design agency Bangalore.

Choose a Web Design Company Wisely For Improved Online Presence

Posted By on May 10th, 2016

Web Design Comapny Bangalore

Demand of web designing and developing companies have immensely increased globally due to the awareness towards online business. Dot com millionaires are inspiring people to lunch their businesses on internet. Certainly, every entrepreneur and organization wants to hire the best web design company to harvest the virtual benefits to the best. However, when it comes to choosing the best web design company for corporate virtual address or personal websites there are certain factors that ought to be evaluated. This article will discuss about the factors to be considered while choosing a web design firm to develop a reliable, purposeful and easy to access website.

Portfolio of the Web Design Company

It is of extreme importance for business entities and entrepreneurs to go through the past achievements of the company. Different features that have been included in their previous work should be appraised against company’s requirements. Those entrepreneurs who need assistance in designing website should never hesitate to ask for previously designed website sample form the company. Following are some important questions that should be asked:

  • Product and service related websites’ working experience of the company
  • Knowledge about the processes involved
  • Methodologies and technologies used for developing a website


A company should be selected based on its genuineness and it should have a real office, where a meeting can be arranged for detail discussion of the requirements. To reduce the risks associated with swindling the entrepreneurs need to make sure they are dealing with experts not scammers.

Know Your Requirement

Business entities and entrepreneurs can select the ideal web design firm only when they know about the bottom line and what they actually want from their website. This bespeaks of clear internet marketing objectives and goals, which not only help the organizations in assessing the solutions and services offered to them, but also work as strategies for these companies. The requirements of every company are exclusive and may need focus on several aspects like following:

  • Conversion of sales
  • Brand awareness
  • Building and maintaining database
  • ROI-return on investment

Budget allocated for web development and internet-marketing expenses should be asked before hiring the web design firm.

Completion time of the project

Before hiring a company, entrepreneurs need to ask about the estimated completion time of the project. This is important when they need their website to be up and running as soon as possible. Asking about the estimated time also make web design firm to work on the project without being careless about the delivery time.

Customer Service

Developing and designing a website may be a onetime process. However, entrepreneurs need to optimize it, which is an ongoing process. Therefore, a web design firm should be chosen that is renowned for offering excellent and long-term customer assistance, to which entrepreneurs can call anytime and ask to solve their queries. Sometimes websites may require update and a company should be there to do this work accordingly. This is the reason when hiring these companies, their planning and project development plans must be thoroughly discussed.

Healthy Relationship

The company must maintain a healthy relationship with their customers and be involved with the analytical and maintenance reporting of the online publications and other contents, even after the launch of the website.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Entrepreneurs must read reviews and testimonials written by people who have had their website designed from the company they are planning to hire. Clients express their satisfaction and dissatisfaction about the results they get in the review section, which will help entrepreneurs to know about the company more. They should try and read all the reviews and make their decision based on the people’s approval. They need to find out what particularly people say positive about the services and evaluate it against their requirements.


Though different companies’ pricing is different, entrepreneurs need to know about the amount that a company generally charge for designing a website, based on that they can ask for quote and then choose the company according their budget. It is essential to compare prices of the companies side by side before hiring one. It is advisable to not get lured by low prices offered by companies as they offer low quality service, which is not good for the virtual face of the organization.

These are the factors to be considered before choosing a web design company Bangalore to develop a reliable, purposeful and easy to access website. It is essential to maintain relationship with the web team, so that they can be accessible anytime.

Highly Effective Web design Strategy for 2016

Posted By on December 17th, 2015

Web Design Strategy

Websites has become the most important part of any business. Owning a website is not enough, effective web designed website is what which may enable any business to do well. Good website design need certain process, making your website interactive and engaging.

A good web design engages the visitors by focusing on their needs. The website pages should have the purpose and should take care of the user’s need.

The way you communicate to the visitors plays a vital role. Users look for fast information, hence communication should be simple and easy to understand.

Another thing what you have to keep in mind is flexibility, now a days people use different devices to browse, therefore know your target customers and ensure the website is responsive to various devices like desktop, laptop, tablets etc. Making it responsive to all the devices is what has to be focused.

Along with the content on your website, typefaces should also be looked at, so that the words are comfortable to read online. The best font size for online is usually 16px and can limit to 3 typeface in 3 point size.

The colour combination of the font enhances the look of the whole website, it becomes important to consider the good combination which is appealing to the visitors.

Visual effect on your website adds a lot of value, one it looks attractive and two image helps the visitor understand the concept better. Therefore selecting the relevant picture becomes essential part of the Web design Strategy.

Website is incomplete without the appropriate content. The content of the website should be continuous, your content should be updated according to your business progress.

User friendly navigation helps the visitors to come back to your website frequently. Three click rule should be followed so that the visitors could get the required information in just three clicks. Ensuring the less load time while browsing will help visitor to be attentive to your website. Therefore select he suitable image sizes and the programming language.

Here are the best designing strategy that produce fantastic looking websites which awarded you best Web Design Company in Bangalore.

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