Proven Ways to Optimize and Increase Website Traffic

Posted By on November 8th, 2016


The commonest of all challenges that businesses face is inability in building online traffic that would serve as the best option for generating maximum leads. Many business owners have already reported big losses, the reason being insufficient web traffic inflow. In these days of internet revolution, such drawbacks smash great business plans and end up showing disastrous consequences. Looking for innovative ways to drive web traffic is an excellent methodology but without effective establishment of online strategy there is no way of victory.

This article will give a detailed summary to startups and other business owners on how to successfully administer their digital marketing strategies for getting enhanced and targeted website traffic. These straight to the point basics would guide companies looking forward to building a better traffic. Some of the actionable factors deliver very smart results, which with continuous implementation may deliver quickly.

The basic behind the whole map is to find out the alleyway of online users and lay concrete a bridge for them to your website. Despite the fact that there are many ways to build such an aspect, it’s not always practicable to analyze productivity. But certain ways reflect supreme output as they are ethical and prohibits from additional factors. The more the revelation, more is the traffic inflow. Keeping such noteworthy aspects in row, noted below are the 3 verified Ways to Optimize and Increase Website Traffic.


  1. Website Visibility Online

With several search engines platform present on the World Wide Web, it is always seen that users strike for some of the most famous ones like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Visitors come searching for their needs and requirements which always redirect them to a website or the other. Users don’t like to scroll down and they go for the ones in the top. So if you can cater to the exact needs of the user with very relevant information then they won’t step back. Here, the major step is to plan out the relevant keyword according to the current trend and search approach. Well written content and razor-sharp SEO tactics do help your website to optimize for a good ranking on the search engine.


  1. Accurate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tactics

SEO is not small games these days as businesses are on their toes to face cut-throat competition. Optimized articles act as the face of website for several search engines. Accurate use of SEO theory can assist a business thrive virtually. For example, sticking to the idea of content production and accordingly formulating the title of the content gives you a superior quotient of online visitors as they get sophisticated insights. Accurate insights and genuine content may even smack for an improved search engine rankings. The biggest challenge is strategized and effective and convention of SEO tactics and modern analysis tools.


  1. Targeting the Most Accurate Market

It is not just about the utmost number of audience coming in to your website. If there is a very good number of inflow then it’s good, but what if the targeted visitors with specific requirement don’t turn to your website? Now let’s discuss about target customer. Several businesses were unable in building a proper strategy to drive in the required audience for their precise service or products of business. Audience can be targeted based upon some variables like age, region, personal choices, economic class and gender too. So to get the most of it, the target audience is to be identified first, and then targeted. Comprehensively research, scrutiny, and approach building produces the most excellent results in developing content based on the target audience.

When there is sufficient traffic pertinent to business REQUIREMENTS, moderate modification of the website is also essential as it is very significant in the field of optimization for frequent customers. Rationally, most of the traffic can be put up with no trouble, however, the aforesaid aspects keep them engaged and with the time, potential customers turn out to be trustworthy customers. So keep in mind always choose best digital marketing company Bangalore for getting more sales for your business.

A Brief Overview of Search Engine Optimization

Posted By on September 26th, 2016


Website is considered as the virtual face of any well- established business or organization. An organization has to have a visually compelling website to attract its probable customers.  But if the website is appearing in the last page of search engine result and not visible to searcher then what is the point of having a website. The only shortcut formula that will help the website to gain attention of people is Search Engine Optimization. Many of us may wonder what kind of shortcut it is and how it can help our website to skyrocket in search engine result page? I am discussing that below.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of increasing the presence of a website of an organization in the search engine result pages.   It is unlike the PPC (pay per click) and only focuses on organic or unpaid search results. Accordant keyword selection, proper on page optimization and flawless off-page optimization process are the factors that will help a website to get maximum attention. While on page process consists of coding (HTML), Content and images, off-page only consists of link building other promotional process.

  • Types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)        

Search Engine Optimization generally divided in to two types, one is black hat and another is white hat. Black hat SEO is generally the unethical way of doing optimization, it is not approved by Google and the website may be penalized if going under this process. Result is comparatively fast than any other optimization process.

While white hat SEO is safe and approved by almost all search engines. Results of this optimization process are slow but more relevant than black hat SEO process. This process is more concerned with the appropriate content of the website and appealing or user-friendly website design.

The type of SEO which I haven’t included in the previous sentence is Negative SEO. A website owner who is doing good business will not follow this process of SEO ever. But his competitor can apply the same by posting his website links in low quality websites (i.e. dating, porn, and other illegal websites). So it is advisable for a website owner to hire a SEO professional to get rid of these uncertain problems.

Why Should We Do SEO?

There are 3 factors which determine the no of customers of your business. 1st is the brand name, 2nd is Goodwill and 3rd is visibility in World Wide Web in accordance with the keyword. If you have invested in your business but aforesaid factors are missing then you will not get return on your investment. Following Factors are important:-


  • Brand Name

Brand Name of the business plays a vital role when it comes to good will or reputation of the organization. Going for the most appropriate brand name according the product or service is necessary. But SEO is the only way through which that brand name can get the maximum attention of people.

  • Goodwill

This is the most significant process that helps to get customer to the business for very long. If the organization provides products or services globally then proper promotion technique and better advertisement plan is required which is only achievable in the course of the Search Engine Optimization technique.

  • Visibility

A perfectly designed website will lead to better visibility to the business. If the organization is not so well-known or has not been able to acquire customers’ mindset, then website optimization is the technique that is going to help.

How to Do SEO?

I have said in the previous sentence that on-page and off-page are two ways to get an optimized website. These two processes consists lots of factor that is needed for a websites to get a better visibility. Following are some


  • On-page Optimization

This process refers to the element of a web page and focuses on the HTML coding, textual content and picture in website. If the website’s page is not compelling as it should be. It can be changed and redesigned according to the requirement. As content and image in a website are vital weapon to attract customers. A proper care should be taken to for contents and images that will prove the website as an up and comer.

  • Off Page Optimization

Through this optimization the website is going to get some back links. There are numerous types of link building process which will create strong back links for the website. More links means more visibility, but link building in low page rank websites can become the bad link of the primary website.  Blog post, article post, book marking, directory submission, social media optimization are some link building process.

It is not a wise decision to apply these processes on the website without consulting a Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore or the city you are in. Professionals from a Digital Marketing Company understand are the trend and always keep up with the latest updates which make them expert to handle the project easily.

How to Build a SEO Friendly Website to Rank Faster in Search Engines?

Posted By on August 18th, 2016

SEO friendly website

Businesses around the globe have realised that the internet is lot more than a source of amusement. The internet is a window to an ocean of limitless opportunities. To make use of the potential of the internet, creating a good Website is a must. An appropriate website will help you intermingle with the customers without any hassle. Having an official website will in reality do a lot of good as big investors will take a lot of interest to spend a fortune on your business. As you have a website it will give the investors the notion that you are doing good in the market and very serious about your business.

Having a website of your business is not adequate; you have to pay a lot of attention to the website structure, design, content and various other technical aspects. The website has to be professionally designed and so the color combination has to be chosen very cautiously. You can also take the help of skilled web designers who helps building an appealing website in the least amount of time. In case you have basic knowledge and you want to design a website by yourself then you should keep certain things in mind.

  • Content

According to the search engine guidelines you should include relevant information for a better read. Search engine’s new algorithms can easily recognize contents that are not genuine and copied from other websites. Original content helps in achieving the trust of search engine. Try and include valuable information in the content rather than stressing on the word count.

content is king

  • Make Impression

Your website simply represents you and the products or services you offer. So it is really imperative to make a website that looks credible and trustworthy.  Add that extra framework, which makes the visitors feel welcomed at the first glance.


  • Colors

Use accurate colors for your visitors to grab attention to certain elements. Don’t overdo things and try not to use chaotic colors as the result can be opposite.  Stick to the trend and using proper color for your marketing materials and templates.

  • Animation

Flash animations look cool doesn’t mean you should add them. It makes the website heavy and increase the loading time. Avoid anything that is unnecessary for the website such as: – animated backgrounds, music and media. You can include the Medias that help in providing information to visitors.

  • Layout

Give your website a clear navigation structure that will help the visitors to go through the website easily. Without randomly scattering the pages, you should organize them in a grid pattern. Make everything accessible easily on the pages so that it won’t be confusing for the visitors.


  • Texts and Typography

Make sure that you use right fonts, font sizes and font colors that are readable without any trouble. To make it easier for the readers, use bullets, section headers and make the paragraphs short. In case your website is English language based, you should use a white background and black texts on it.

  • Images

Don’t use stock images as most of the times they are irrelevant. You should rather hire your own photographers and use genuine images taken by them. Every image transfers an intuitive message to the audience, so not using real images might result in not getting what you expect.

  • Links

It is better to build a website with clear links and always offer your users a sitemap by which they can go to desired pages of the website easily. Don’t over-link a page and use texts instead of images to ensure search engine crawler can recognise everything clearly on the website.

  • Technical

To get your website crawled properly by search engine you need to allow all of your sites access, such as java Script and CSS files. Using session IDs can result in incomplete indexing of your site, so allow search bots to crawl your website without arguments. Try to find if your web server supports If-Modified-Since HTTP header or not. This feature is very important as it tells the search engine about any changes done after last-crawled. Use robots.txt file is modified properly to address the search bots to crawl specific pages. Search engine recommends that you should regularly check the site performance.

These are the things that you need to know to build a better website. Always keep in mind that you are making the website primarily for the users not for the search engines. So make it as much user friendly as you can. For that you can choose best Digital Marketing Company Bangalore which is desire to create experiences that transform brands and helps your businesses grow.

Why a Start-up Need Digital Marketing Strategy?

Posted By on May 3rd, 2016

digital marketing strategy

Pragmatic business development through systematic marketing analytics is often a challenging exercise for start-ups. Between efforts to crop up with reasonable cash flow over a 5 years perspective and the real world challenges of outlining a feasible business model, it is obvious for new entrepreneurs to get lost in the course.

“If you are an entrepreneur and struggling to finesse a plan of action for your start-up, you should consider digital marketing as a weapon to cross the threshold”.

Why Digital Marketing is so important?

Web promotion & Digital marketing

In order to stay afloat and remain at the competitive breakneck pace at the hasty convulsing environment, web promotion & online marketing is the need of the hour for start-ups. In reality, digital marketing has become an economical solution for many, which makes sure predictable results in minimum time. With this weapon you can effortlessly manage your existing marketing campaigns or can launch new campaigns with the dissecting ability to aim marketing demographics with improved productivity, downright efficiency and sales.

Strategic Significance of Digital marketing

Digital marketing earnestly works as a responsive and dynamic solution for start-ups, which further helps them to maintain their consistent presence in the World Wide Web through blogs, articles, social media, video blogs, forums and online directories. With a strategically targeted digital marketing campaign, entrepreneurs can superbly target potential customers with relative ease.

By deploying analytical strategy and demographic online campaigns, entrepreneurs can put up their brand and promote their products and service in the targeted market. Using local directories and business listing they can further mark their territory at a local level.

The reason why strategic marketing always works is it ardently engages the potential customers and helps maintaining an undeviating interaction with them through various social media platforms, such as; Facebook, blogs and forums, twitter and You Tube. These platforms can also be used for getting all the feedbacks form the engaged customers or can be offered them to lodge their queries and complaints.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for start-ups

Without significant investment in offline marketing and advertising, entrepreneurs can achieve the same kind of attention through digital marketing campaigns. Following are some of the significant benefits of digital marketing company Bangalore:-

• Effective brand building
• Emphatic online identity
• Rise in website traffic and search engine rankings
• Enhanced online reputation
• Instant and improved customer relationship
• Easy visibility of products and services for potential customers

No doubt, new businesses require promotion and recognition to immediately reach to the targeted customers group. Nothing could be more powerful than brand management, which can easily create everlasting impression. Systematic and perfectly calibrated advertisement campaigns will instantly create awareness among customers, which in turn will drive leads in no time. Digital marketing is also helpful in distributing brand message on a wider spectrum with an aim to capture the maximum part of the market.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups and Small Medium Businesses

Posted By on March 14th, 2016


Are you a business owner who is thriving to enthrall new customers and do you want your business to be known for super functional and super serviceable customer experiences? If yes, then it is about time that you kick start the integration of robust digital marketing strategies into your business plans. Implementing digital marketing in small and medium enterprises is one of the boldest steps to take in promoting and boosting your business towards a surplus of customers and revenues.

What makes any thriving enterprise a successful one or a failed one? Well, it is undoubtedly the processes they assort to in attracting their targeted audiences online. Also, it is vital for the business owners to understand that it’s just not enough to increase the traffic to their websites, but the traffic should be able to lead to potential sales. Of course, that is what business growth is right!! In other words, it’s not just about mere survival, it’s also about excelling and growing in that business.

There is a wide array of digital marketing tools and techniques out there that are so effective in providing resources to small and medium businesses to be able to perform exceptionally well. These techniques help your business in converting your website traffic into leads, subscribers and sales. What more could you ask for? Also, impressive buttons, forms and texts using color schemes and graphics could be optimized in aiding your website visitors to take favorable actions.

All digital marketing agency in Bangalore’s are play significant roles in search engine optimization, email marketing and social media marketing that regarded as tools in generating higher interactions with your targeted audiences, resulting in increased conversion rates that will ultimately have a road for higher revenues. By simply kick starting the implementation of digital marketing, small and medium businesses will be able to recap the benefits like the following:

  1. Higher conversion optimizations.
  2. Unlike, in traditional marketing, there is a substantial increase in savings by resorting to digital marketing methods of promoting services and products.
  3. Higher chances of expanding business and workforce.
  4. Guaranteed increase in customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  5. 100% assurance in building brand reputation.
  6. Provides increased rates of ROI for your enterprise marketing investment.

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Marketing

Posted By on March 3rd, 2016


Digital Marketing is one of the robust marketing strategies, which unlike the traditional direct marketing, uses web browser, email address, etc. in order to reach your costumers. Ho boy!! How innovative and cool that sounds!! All thanks to the wonderful tool “Internet”.

Digital Marketing, if implemented well, has the potential to upswing organization’s sales to soaring heights. If you are planning for new startup companies or small to medium businesses, digital marketing is your power tool that aids you on your road to finding your niche in this ever challenging business world. In order to stand out of the crowd and make your presence to be felt by attracting potential customers, you got to come up with tons of innovative marketing strategies and techniques.

Some of the examples for digital marketing are websites, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, lead generation, inbound/outbound marketing, and so forth.


For every organization, whether big or small, it is very essential to maintain websites that serve as central hubs to attract customers. They can be well-constructed and designed using tools like CMS, which is an acronym for “Content Management System” like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. A website holds a very prominent role in any kind of business, because it is through this medium that customers get to know you the most. In short, website is back bone to any organization. A potential website must be user-friendly, informative and attractive at the same time.

Social Media Marketing:

Usage of social media to advertise your business is one of the smartest techniques you could use. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, are some of the potential social media platforms trending these days. Creating visual appealing ads is imperative when advertising through social media platforms. These days the number of companies that report success using social media marketing are increasing day by day.

Search Engine Optimization:

Getting your website pop- up when people search for certain keywords on search engines is the basic purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It is divided into two categories which are Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO. Onsite SEO basically uses Meta details, internal links, keywords and structure your company’s websites where search engines identity the content and serve it to people searching for such similar content. While on the other hand offsite SEO provides the content creators with links to research conducted.

Lead Generation:

Identifying and reaching out to people who are more likely to make purchases, by means of offers and marketing strategies is lead generation. Both inbound and outbound marketing strategies can be used to generate leads. Lead generation is mainly used in business to business and consumer marketing initiatives.

Inbound/Outbound Marketing:

Attracting customers by providing relevant information using mediums like webinars, blogs, and some other educational tools is Inbound marketing. Outbound marketing is basically using mediums like display advertising, SEM, cold emails or calls.

Reputation management, email marketing, display marketing, re-targeting and marketing automation are some of the other equally robust marketing tools. Any of the above or a mix of all these techniques, if used well, ensure your success as an entrepreneur with flying colors. For more details, visit Nummero a leading Digital Marketing Company Bangalore who is working only in a client context.

6 Usual Digital Marketing Mistakes made by Entrepreneurs!!!

Posted By on February 10th, 2016

Nummero digital agency

As the use of digital marketing is increasing day by day, entrepreneurs sometimes overlook digital marketing techniques and their outcomes and don’t be realistic. Entrepreneurs have to hire experienced digital marketing strategists or outsource the digital marketing operations to a good digital agency. For more details, read our article How to choose the right digital agency? We have analyzed the mistakes of a bunch of entrepreneurs and found the real issues tickling them, however they vary from business to business.

Here are the 6 digital marketing mistakes to be avoided by entrepreneurs:

1. Buying Visitors: Buying the no. of followers on social media or general site visits. A few entrepreneurs consider it useful for brand repute but it does not help lead generation, the traffic is not targeted traffic and is fake. The amount of time and money spent for buying traffic does not help the company in anyway expect for the no. of followers and site visits, which also has negligible importance in the real world.

2. Campaign Objectives: Each digital marketing campaign must have certain objectives like to get more sign-ups, views, sales, followers, likes, etc. Digital marketing without objectives will only help increase brand awareness and merely lead generation. Hence, the entrepreneurs must frame the objectives of a digital marketing campaign before its implementation.

3. Target Audience: Trying to understand and identify the target audience is a primary task, without which effective lead generation is not possible. The source of the target audience can be amplified to give more effective results. Hence, a market study has to be made before the launch of the products or services.

4. Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing should not be ignored; it also gives way to prospective customers. Today the no. of mobile users is way higher than desktop/laptop users. Mobile advertising has been considered very effective in terms of sms based marketing, tele marketing and in-app advertising.

5. Analytics and Measurement: Entrepreneurs must spend some time on Google Analytics where they can understand viewer/visitor behavior well. It helps them understand metrics like bounce rate, demography of visitors and track paid traffic if any. Google Analytics is a useful tool to identify target audience/customers.

6. Offline Marketing: Being busy with online marketing, entrepreneurs tend to ignore offline marketing. Both online marketing and offline marketing need to be synchronized in order to achieve the company’s marketing objectives. Offline marketing plays a vital role in brand awareness and word-of-mouth marketing.

This article would have helped you understand the 6 digital marketing mistakes made by entrepreneurs. Thank you for reading this article. For more details, visit our website Digital Marketing Company Bangalore, India.

Choose Perfect Digital Agency for Growth of your Online Business

Posted By on November 23rd, 2015

Nummero - Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

Digital marketing is growing at a fast pace currently. Online scenario has become very important for any business to succeed. Many businesses have adopted digital strategy as part of their brand building. Hence choosing the best digital marketing agency.  Opting for the perfect digital agency will grow your online business.

Ensure to keep few things in mind while hiring an agency. Check with them how their agency is set up – Meet the agency at their office. Normally big companies meet the agency at their office before giving the projects, this is mainly to avoid getting cheated by going by their words regarding their office which there is nothing which exists. Check if they have professionals, check if their staff are trustworthy and passionate. Ask who will be point of contact of your project.

One of the things which you would want to ask is the charges for their services. Ask how much will you get for the price you are paying. Ask how much long they will take to complete the project. Check what their billing procedure.

The project results could be obtained by asking them for the metrics. Any professional agency will measure the goals with the metrics. Choose best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore which can make your business goal as important as it is for you. Go for pay for performance firm.

Check for their past performance ask for few reports, go through some recommendation.

Yet another thing is a good agency do is giving more prominence latest tools and technology and follow the right process. It will be not a good deal to opt for someone who outdated tools. It may affect your business plan and may not get what you have planned as a result.

Ask for regular reports, you can decide weekly, monthly or daily which ever may suit you. It will help you to know if your project is heading to the right direction.

A Marketing Service Provider

You need the time and expertise of an experienced digital marketing team who can design a program around your specific needs. We engineer your technologies to support your strategic objectives, whether you seek support for an existing campaign or a fresh strategy altogether.



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