A Brief Overview of Search Engine Optimization

Posted By on September 26th, 2016


Website is considered as the virtual face of any well- established business or organization. An organization has to have a visually compelling website to attract its probable customers.  But if the website is appearing in the last page of search engine result and not visible to searcher then what is the point of having a website. The only shortcut formula that will help the website to gain attention of people is Search Engine Optimization. Many of us may wonder what kind of shortcut it is and how it can help our website to skyrocket in search engine result page? I am discussing that below.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of increasing the presence of a website of an organization in the search engine result pages.   It is unlike the PPC (pay per click) and only focuses on organic or unpaid search results. Accordant keyword selection, proper on page optimization and flawless off-page optimization process are the factors that will help a website to get maximum attention. While on page process consists of coding (HTML), Content and images, off-page only consists of link building other promotional process.

  • Types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)        

Search Engine Optimization generally divided in to two types, one is black hat and another is white hat. Black hat SEO is generally the unethical way of doing optimization, it is not approved by Google and the website may be penalized if going under this process. Result is comparatively fast than any other optimization process.

While white hat SEO is safe and approved by almost all search engines. Results of this optimization process are slow but more relevant than black hat SEO process. This process is more concerned with the appropriate content of the website and appealing or user-friendly website design.

The type of SEO which I haven’t included in the previous sentence is Negative SEO. A website owner who is doing good business will not follow this process of SEO ever. But his competitor can apply the same by posting his website links in low quality websites (i.e. dating, porn, and other illegal websites). So it is advisable for a website owner to hire a SEO professional to get rid of these uncertain problems.

Why Should We Do SEO?

There are 3 factors which determine the no of customers of your business. 1st is the brand name, 2nd is Goodwill and 3rd is visibility in World Wide Web in accordance with the keyword. If you have invested in your business but aforesaid factors are missing then you will not get return on your investment. Following Factors are important:-


  • Brand Name

Brand Name of the business plays a vital role when it comes to good will or reputation of the organization. Going for the most appropriate brand name according the product or service is necessary. But SEO is the only way through which that brand name can get the maximum attention of people.

  • Goodwill

This is the most significant process that helps to get customer to the business for very long. If the organization provides products or services globally then proper promotion technique and better advertisement plan is required which is only achievable in the course of the Search Engine Optimization technique.

  • Visibility

A perfectly designed website will lead to better visibility to the business. If the organization is not so well-known or has not been able to acquire customers’ mindset, then website optimization is the technique that is going to help.

How to Do SEO?

I have said in the previous sentence that on-page and off-page are two ways to get an optimized website. These two processes consists lots of factor that is needed for a websites to get a better visibility. Following are some


  • On-page Optimization

This process refers to the element of a web page and focuses on the HTML coding, textual content and picture in website. If the website’s page is not compelling as it should be. It can be changed and redesigned according to the requirement. As content and image in a website are vital weapon to attract customers. A proper care should be taken to for contents and images that will prove the website as an up and comer.

  • Off Page Optimization

Through this optimization the website is going to get some back links. There are numerous types of link building process which will create strong back links for the website. More links means more visibility, but link building in low page rank websites can become the bad link of the primary website.  Blog post, article post, book marking, directory submission, social media optimization are some link building process.

It is not a wise decision to apply these processes on the website without consulting a Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore or the city you are in. Professionals from a Digital Marketing Company understand are the trend and always keep up with the latest updates which make them expert to handle the project easily.

Online Marketplace in India and Its Effect on the Scenario of Shopping

Posted By on September 14th, 2016


Our country has recently seen swift drifts in its economic stability with a god rise in the commercial situation as the technological integrations in most operations took place. Many companies started trading with technological platforms as the requirement came in as a pose of challenge for the industry scenario of India. India’s most companies run on the media seemed to have a natural shift in their businesses only by primary demands of the local market. But sustainability proportions changed with the change in technological aspects that completely changed the way of trading once and for all. With sophisticated and vibrant technological replacements, online marketplace in India took a good establishment replacing the traditional methodologies that had been a major challenge for decades.

With the change in the scene of businesses, product deals started taking place on the online platforms as those seemed to be more efficient productive in comparison to physical marketplaces which was subject to many fluctuations regarding some parameters like price levels, ease in shopping, payment and transactions, safe and security and some other relevant factors that needed revolutionary changes. While online marketplace in India in the first trial session of sales showed a bigger hike than any other fiscal year, some tweaks in the deals changed the impact completely. Now online shopping is not just a necessity but has transformed into a trend of shopping where people achieve great deals and make their transactions safe as compared to the physical deals done traditionally. Are you trying to be a part of this growing trend of online market place, then why wait? Contact Nummero, which is the most preferred e-commerce development company in Bangalore.


When it comes to a marketplace, it can be specifically described that a place where any individual can significantly choose any object and can search for items from all categories including fashion items like dress for men, women and kids; electronics ranging from mobile phones, televisions to computer systems and high end hardware; home and living materials, jewellery and automobiles. Retailers deal in precise filters while online marketplace in India lets a user choose from an array of items that help go for the best item and with good functionalities. Similarly, this action helps compare prices that make it a more productive space for businesses. Online marketplaces are more organised and are a good way of shopping and dealing with products as they come with an array of advantages. Some companies deliver products to addresses of the buyers at zero additional cost which happens to be very beneficial and sometimes becomes the biggest factor for online marketplace in India to be chosen over retail businesses. While we look forward to drones delivering our items from the origin point to destination delivery address in no time, India shows us a new face of business outcomes with better facilitation in e-commerce field.

Are you trying to be a part of this growing trend of online market place, then why wait? Contact Nummero, which is the most preferred e-commerce development company in Bangalore.

Aspects of Choosing Best Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore

Posted By on September 8th, 2016


Mobile app is one of the most valuable integrations in the world that exists in the background processing of almost every new age mobile devices which helps run intricate platforms and minimizes human efforts. Simplifying things, automation of anything can only be achieved by the integration of apps and innovative solutions. With unlimited resources from the covering of systematisation, many challenges have seen resolutions with a higher pace than ever. Bangalore being a hub to dynamic improvements in mobile apps, it has seen numerous rises in the number of mobile app development companies in Bangalore. While the sector expands to see a new thing with every passing second, some companies strive to build new infrastructure for solving problems existing in minimization of human efforts, cutting time consumption, and delivering high intelligent factors for a better move.

It always depends on the type of services one opts for accomplishing something. On a very precise condition, anyone would opt for either developing a mobile app which would act as a product to face certain challenges or take help from a service provider in continuously deploying an array of services for streamlined behaviour of businesses or workstations. While product based mobile app development companies create app products and sell them once to entities and keep the maintenance, software service industry focuses on resolving intricacies in specific areas of commercial system. So, it is preferable to primarily choose the type of solution needed in order to resolve certain problems.

Here are some aspects of choosing best mobile app development companies in Bangalore.

Mobile Apps

  • Technical Ability and Methodologies

A mobile app development company should be well equipped with proper technical team and setup which is the minimum requirement of being a productive software company. Some companies with extra technical members than the project allocated individuals are always considered as a good go as they can take up challenges and fulfill the expectations. Methodologies of a app development company should be agile and the work-order should match the purpose accurately.

  • Experience and Reputation

Longer the experience, higher is the chances of getting the work done perfectly. Mobile app development companies in Bangalore with higher reputation and experience level can simplify the problem and minutely resolve challenges.

  • Communication and Professionalism

While people think that app development companies will get their work done and will deliver optimum results, the truth is far different. Communication procedure between clients and companies should be highly transparent as it’s needful in customizing products and services from time to time. A better professional behavior is obviously one of the most desired aspects.

While most of the companies can deliver results, for most accurate working of software according to desire and requirements, one should always follow the above aspects of choosing best mobile development companies in Bangalore.

Streamlining Ecommerce – Deciding on Best Shopify Development Company

Posted By on September 2nd, 2016


Ecommerce has been soaring high since the demand took a shift in the general model. With the dynamic approach to development of industry specific front end platform, some became successful in delivering the most of what was desired for ecommerce online development. As many distinctive platforms were introduced, Shopify, a company to facilitate ecommerce at ease introduced a tool as many stores needed hassle free platform to list their products on an online portal. Shopify as a company continued to succeed in its mission and graduated as a vibrant platform for many companies approaching an online ecommerce portal. But as design and development took over the minds of people, it became more challenging for companies to sustain in the competition of attracting customers by responsive and dynamic front end stores.

Since Shopify is a tool where companies build their online stores, it needs advanced customization and dynamic configuration to develop a vibrant front end and responsive layout for customers. Buying products from online stores is easy but it takes a lot to build a productive online store as it needs to be responsive and dynamic in order to attract customers. So to help such companies build a dynamic online store on Shopify, many software and web development companies took up initiatives. But as it is a task of providing web solutions for business development and perfect  Point of Sale (PoS), it needs to be taken seriously and following are some shopify development company aspects that lead to a better ecommerce portal.

  • Adequate Technical Skills

A shopify development company with proper technical team and technological innovation setup manages designing and development of ecommerce over shopify with glibness. It is a minimum requirement for any company to possess superfine techniques in designing and building a concrete approach based on industry specific needs.

marketing on internet


  • On Time Delivery and Support

Any shopify development company should target on time delivery factor at a maximum range of evaluation as it is a vital section of concern in the world of ecommerce. When it comes to customizing and developing in accordance with the unique requirements of customers, support stands as a big challenge for companies. So the technical and designing support is another aspect that should be looked for while choosing any shopify Development Company.


  • Cost Effective Services

A shopify development company may deliver the finest of proposal, but what matters the most is range of affordability. So it is very much important to look for a company who offers best shopify development services at an affordable range of cost.

Though there seem to be many choices on the field today, it is very important to study each and every detail properly before settling on any one. When it comes to making a choice among the shopify development companies, technical skills, innovative minds, delivery time and support, and cost effective services matter a lot. Nummero is one of the most reputable e-commerce development company in Bangalore that uses several platforms to develop e commerce websites, such as: Shopify, Woo Commerce, Magento and Joomla.

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